Virtual Wildflower Tour

Unfortunately, we were not able to host the annual wildflower tours at Braddock’s Trail Park this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, our tour guides were kind enough to shoot some video footage and provide some pictures they took along the way that showcase this year’s wildflowers. You can navigate through all nine parts of this tour with  Dr. Boylan using the playlist controls located in the top right of the video or follow this link to our YouTube playlist. You can also view another tour with Dr. Whyte on the California University of Pennsylvania site  with this link. We hope you enjoy the virtual tours and the natural beauty of Braddock’s Trail Park. Listed below is the Braddock’s Trail Guidebook if you would like to see more wildflowers or get an overview for some of what is in the virtual tours.

Braddock’s Trail Wildflower Guidebook 2020 (PDF)

Media and Informational Content Provided by Dr. Jack Boylan and Dr. Robert Whyte, in collaboration with our Department of Parks and Recreation.