Today, a resident reported receiving a phone call from the North Huntingdon Township Police Department phone number 724-863-8800. The caller stated his name was "Robert Jones from the North Huntingdon Police Department" and that there was a warrant for the resident's arrest. The caller did know the first name of the resident. The resident realized it was a scam and did not fall victim to it. In addition, there is no one named Robert Jones that works for the North Huntingdon Township Police Department.

Similar scams have happened recently to other police departments. These scam victims are being told their warrants can be paid by Google or Apple Pay gift cards. It is important to remember that the majority of these scams use scare tactics with the threat of incarnation to pressure you into acting quickly without thinking and believing their ruse. Do not fall for it!

We want our community to know that the North Huntingdon Township Police Department does not contact you by phone demanding payment for outstanding warrants, nor do we accept gift cards as payment for any fines or fees.

If any other North Huntingdon Township residents have received a suspicious call demanding payment for outstanding warrants and may have fallen victim, please contact the North Huntingdon Township Police Department at 724-863-8800.

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