Can I have livestock?

The Township Zoning Ordinance only permits poultry (chickens) and livestock to be kept on a farm or upon a conditional use approval from the Board of Commissioners in an R-2, R-3, or R-4 Residential District. The fee for a conditional use hearing for chicken keeping is $590.

A farm is defined as any parcel of land containing at least two (2) acres which may be used for gain in the raising of agriculture products or at least 10 acres or more for livestock, poultry and dairy products. It includes necessary farm structures with the prescribed limits and the storage of farm equipment. It excludes the raising of fur bearing animals, riding academies, livery or boarding stables, and dog kennels.

Farms with poultry or livestock are a permitted use in both residential and commercial zoning districts subject to the minimum area requirements set forth in Section 811 of the Zoning Ordinance as follows: Farms and Livestock Area Requirements: R-2/20 acres, R-3/15 Acres, and R-4/10 Acres. Any housing or feeding structures shall be centrally located and in all cases shall be located a minimum of 250 feet from property lines.

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1. Can I have livestock?
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