What are the ball field usage policies?

Because your definition of “playable” may never be the same as ours, you are expected to respect the decision of the Department of Parks & Recreation. Most fields are often faced with very short periods of time to get all fields in playing condition. Our decision is based on safety first.

The Department of Parks and Recreation will determine the field of play throughout the day. Rain Outs are decided by 3 p.m. The Department of Parks and Recreation will determine if games are rained out. A rain out applies to all games throughout the evening. In an effort to give all fields proper care and maintenance, you may call the administrative office at 724-863-3806 after 3 p.m., thus allowing us preparation time for you to play.

Only with authorized permission from the Department of Parks and Recreation, will light maintenance be permitted. We do not come to your job and perform your work; please allow us to do ours. With education, training, product information and the proper equipment we will continue to improve the facilities. Do not broom, sweep, or dig any field without checking with us first.

Field use without a permit is first-come, first-serve. If you want to reserve a field for play, it is recommended that you secure a permit. You may phone the Department of Parks and Recreation at 724-863-3806 for available fields, times and pricing throughout the season.

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