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Parks & Recreation

  1. NHT Logo Upload Silver+ Sponsors

    A form to submit your logo.


  1. Car Seat Inspection Request

    A request form for a police officer to verify that your car seat has been appropriately installed for your child's safety.

  2. Emergency Response Training Request Form
  3. Police Department Tour Request Form
  1. Citizen Drug Complaint
  2. Event Appearance/K-9 Demonstration Request Form

Real Property

  1. Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance Act (LERTA) Application

    Application for exemption from real property taxation by Westmoreland County, North Huntingdon Township and the Norwin School District... More…

Volunteer for the Township

  1. Volunteer Assistance

    Please do not use this form to report issues of an emergency nature or for conditions requiring an immediate response. If your issue is... More…