Pets in our Parks


Pets are permitted in all parks under the following conditions:

  • Pet owners must clean up after their pet and dispose of it in provided waste receptacles.
  • All domestic animals must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet in length, and under control at all times.
  • Domestic animals are not permitted within 25 feet of pavilions, playgrounds, athletic playing fields or in attendance at Township sponsored special events.
  • Owners are required to clean up after their domestic animals immediately.
  • Only domestic dogs are permitted at Indian Lake Park


Pet owners are required to immediately clean up after their pet. Failure to clean up is punishable by a fine up to $1000 in accordance with Ordinance No. 938 Article IV Section I.

Pet Waste Stations

Pet waste stations have been installed in all parks throughout the Township. The stations include a bag dispenser and waste receptacles for your pet waste. Do your part and others will follow your lead.

Pet Peeves

Just as there is pet etiquette for the parks, there is also “human etiquette.” Keep in mind that the allowance of dogs in the park is a privilege and for it to remain so you must be mindful of the other park visitors. Keep in mind these few suggestions:

  • Overly friendly pets. Think of your pet’s behavior as a reflection on your own manners. Is it polite to let your child run up to strangers and kiss them repeatedly? Well, it isn’t polite to let your pet run up to other people uninvited and plant sloppy kisses on them either.
  • Watch out for young children. Young children may become frightened by even a friendly pet approaching them, or could be knocked down and hurt accidentally. Even though your pet my be the cutest bundle of love on the planet, respect the fact that others may not feel the same way as you.
  • Take responsibility for their actions. Realize that pets are likely to be excited about being in the park. They like to play in the dirt, chase animals, leave their mark, and so on. So be aware of this and realize that these are not all acceptable practices in the parks. 
    • Digging creates holes in the parks where children and adults could trip and hurt themselves. They can also dig up and permanently harm park wildlife’s habitats and homes.
    • Chasing other animals, whether geese or deer or squirrels, disturbs the wildlife and causes unnecessary stress on the natural inhabitants. 
    • As for leaving their mark, be intelligent and don’t allow your pets to relieve themselves near or in any water source. Also please pick up after your pet right away. Your pet will be on a leash so there’s no excuse that you didn’t see them go to the bathroom. This just follows with the, “Leave the park a little better than when you arrived” philosophy.