Winter Maintenance


The Department of Public Works maintains approximately 160 miles of township roads and over 600 streets. State, county, and privately owned roads are not maintained by the Township but rather by the owner/owning government organization of that road. Check our list of County and State Maintained Roads.

Current Fleet

The Department operates with:

  • 12 medium duty trucks
  • 2 light duty trucks that only treat with sodium
  • 1 medium duty truck that treats with anti-skid materials


Winter Maintenance Times

During snowy and icy conditions, winter maintenance usually occurs between 4:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. unless otherwise necessary.

Estimated Time to Complete All Routes

  • Approximately 6 hours with snow plowing to treat all township-maintained roads
  • Approximately 3 hours when snow plowing is not necessary


1.) Why does a truck have a raised plow?

A truck with a raised plow does not necessarily mean the driver has completed your area. They may be: 

  • Returning for fuel or vehicle service
  • Returning to the maintenance yard for additional treatment material
  • Responding to a call to assist Emergency Services
  • The municipality may not maintain all roads in the area, such as state, county, and private roads.

2.) How are snow removal routes created?

The Department of Public Works groups Township-maintained roads into sections and designates a section to each driver in order to clear roads efficiently during snow and ice control operations. Main arteries, housing developments, and school bus routes are taken into account for prioritizing roads in a section. 

Snow removal routes are not based on residents' calls