The purpose of zoning is to provide a standard for consistency and to protect public health, safety and welfare. Zoning in North Huntingdon is governed by our Zoning Ordinance. Different districts may allow for different uses, require certain lot sizes and distances between structures and property lines, and may also impose requirements for landscaping, parking, building height, and lot coverage. The Township Zoning Officer will assist the public in identifying zoning districts, describing the requirements for each district and guiding residents through the Zoning Hearing Board process.

Zoning Districts

In North Huntingdon there are six general zoning districts and several sub-districts. The zoning districts are as follows:

  • Commercial 
    • C
    • C-1
    • C-1A
    • C-2
  • Industrial
    • I
  • Open Space
    • O
  • Planned Economic Development District 
    • PEDD1
    • PEDD2
  • Planned Residential Development 
    • PRD
  • Residential
    • R-1
    • R-1A
    • R-2
    • R-3
    • R-4