Citizen's Assistance Registry for Emergencies

The purpose of this program is to help you and your loved ones prepare for an emergency before it occurs, by providing emergency needs awareness information to first responders. Individuals may register information regarding their (or their families) emergency needs such as a medical, mental or physical need.  

This registry is completely voluntary and the information that is submitted will provide the North Huntingdon Township Police Department dispatch center the opportunity to have important data on file in the event of an emergency.  

Examples of Emergency Needs May include (but not limited to):

  • Use of life support equipment such as oxygen and ventilators
  • Mobility disabilities such as the use of a wheelchair, walker or other mobility device
  • Visual or hearing impairment
  • Speech, cognitive, developmental or mental health disabilities

All information that is provided will be documented and stored securely within our dispatch center and CAD (computer aided dispatch) program. Once an address or name is placed into our computer system, a notification will alert the dispatcher of the information that is provided in order to have first responders properly respond and handle an incident. 

As the sole purpose of this program is to better serve our township residents during the time of an emergency. This information may be shared with local, state and federal agencies such as North Huntingdon Twp. Police, North Huntingdon EMS/Rescue and North Huntingdon Township Fire Departments. The North Huntingdon Township Police Department dispatch center will make every effort to respect privacy and confidentiality while providing the needs of all involved.  

Any person that resides inside of a nursing home, or personal care center does not need to register, as their information is kept on file with that specific facility and will be relayed to dispatchers and emergency workers as needed.  

Applicants or Guardians are responsible for notifying the North Huntingdon Township Police Department dispatch center of any changes to the following information. This can be done by emailing or or by calling 724-863-8800 and requesting to speak with Brian Hempel or Robert Boswell.

There is NO fee to this program. 

To Obtain an Application: 

To Submit an Application: