2023 Comprehensive Plan

Comp Plan

About the Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan identifies the goals and strategies for growth and conservation in the community. Pennsylvania's laws guide the basic content for comprehensive plans so that growth is encouraged in a coordinated manner. 

A Comprehensive Plan differs from a Zoning Ordinance in that is it adopted as a Resolution rather than as an Ordinance or Law. The Comprehensive Plan serves as a guide, whereas the Zoning Ordinance is a legal instrument that is used to implement regulations and provisions that are consistent with the principles of the adopted Comprehensive Plan. 

The last Comprehensive Plan was completed in 2000. Click here to view the 2000 Comprehensive Plan

Plan Update

In 2022, North Huntingdon Township began the process of updating our Comprehensive Plan, in partnership with Environmental Planning & Design


Steering Committee

The following members were selected by the Board of Commissioner's to serve on the committee:

  • Fran Bevan
  • Tom Kerber
  • Eric Cassidy
  • Wayne Washowich
  • Sheri Laska
  • Samuel Bray
  • Jerry Hatok

October 10, 2022 Meeting

November 14, 2022 Meeting

December 12, 2022 Meeting

January 9, 2023 Meeting

February 13, 2023 Meeting

Watch Meetings LIVE

Our Comprehensive Plan Meetings are always livestreamed to our Facebook page. They are later uploaded to our YouTube Channel.

Missed a Meeting?

You can always go back and watch our Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee Meetings on Facebook or on our YouTube Channel. A playlist is available below for your convenience.