250 Trivia

As part of our 250th Birthday Celebration, we will be running weekly trivia in a Jeopardy format on our Facebook page. Feel free to play along, leave your answer in the comments and check here to see if you're right.

1.) April 6, 1773

2.) The Earl of Huntingdon

3.) The Allegewi

4.) Dutch

5.) General George Washington & General Edward Braddock

6.) Clay Pike

7.) Answer (D): Three Springs Camp

8.) Answer (B): Long Run Church

9.) Answer (A): Fort Walthour

10.) Answer (C): Adam Saam

11.) Answer (C): Larimer Mansion

12.) Answer (B): Whiskey Rebellion

13.) Answer (D): John Irwin

14.) Answer (A): John Irwin House

15.) Answer (A): Fullerton House

16.) Answer (B): McIntyre House

17.) Answer (C): Stewartsville School

18.) Answer (A): Rodman Gun

19.) Answer (D): 105th PA Regiment of Volunteers

20.) Answer (C): Lincoln Highway

21.) Answer (C): PA Turnpike

22.) Answer (B:) Westmoreland City VFD

23.) Answer (D): Norwin Union High School

24.) Answer (A): Police Department

25.) Answer (C): Jacktown Hotel

26.) Answer (C): Robert Stewart

27.) Answer (C): Strawpump

28.) Answer (D): Banco Business Park

29.) Answer (B): Hohn

30.) Answer (A): Biddle

31.) Answer (B): Serros Diner

32.) Answer (A), (B), (C), or (D): North Huntingdon Township